John Paul Jones

by Rich Sayer
(Stow, Ohio)

Hi, I guess the best way to share my Favorite Bass Player would be to give you my top 5 bands. This will not only tell you who I like as a bass player but as a whole band.
1. Led Zeppelin
2. Black Sabbath
3. Jimi Hendrix Experience
4. Allman Brothers
5. Pink Floyd

Now you can have a bass player that can play really fast, But, without
good tone, no one will notice. Roger Waters is not really a flashy
Bass player, But, He has excellent tone or sound and puts the
notes He plays in the right place.
John Paul Jones had the great luck to be paired up with my Favorite
Drummer, John Bohnam! John Paul Jones used 2 Acoustic 8x10
amps and a Fender Jazz or Alembic Bass, His Tone in the studio
was always awesome! (props to Eddie Kramer) and his Technique
while being mostly Blues was also Jazzy and at times rather fast.
Back to John Bohnam, As a Bass player, you should pay close attention
to the Drummer as you are responsible for half of the rhythm
section. You are the foundation of the song. You make it possible
for the lead guitar to jump all over the place, in and out, and always come right back into time because you and the drummer are " in the pocket" or right on time.

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