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This is where electric bass guitar players can find all the information needed to get a great sound from your instrument, and learn to develop solid techniques to insure good playing. No matter what style of music or playing you happen to prefer, chances are that your playing, and your instrument, has room for improvement, and that is why we are here. Learn from those who have blazed the paths before us, and share with those who follow behind us.

So jump on board and look around here. You will find sources for basses, strings, pick-ups, bridges, amps, speakers, playing styles, accessories, shops, necks, adjustments, alternative tunings, reviews, and samples from some of the great players of our time. You will be pleasantly surprised!

What is different about this site?

Your participation!  You have the opportunity here and now to add web pages to this site.  As you navigate around you will find invitations to create reviews and add content to this site (Thanks to SBI!).  These new pages, which you create, will then have your credit, if you wish.  You can then tell your friends about your pages as well, and post links to your own pages here.

Whether you are a pro player or a newbie, this site is for all players looking to improve their playing and their sound. Our goal, is to provide you with the tools, information, and resources needed to get that great sound, and to play it well!



Playing Style
Discussion about various playing style and bassists who use them
Pickups and Sensors
Pickups and Sensors for bass guitars
Hardware items for bass guitars, such as bridge, nut, string hold down, tuners, machine heads, straps
Bass Amplifiers and pre-amps systems for bass guitars
Sound Shaping
How to control the Sound Shaping of your bass. What factors shape the sound of your bass?
Basic Speakers and designs systems for bass guitar instruments
About the Author of this website. A biographical sketch with some sample links.
Artist Reviews
Compilation of various pro bassists, and artist reviews buy me and others
Basic Issues
Basic Issues involved in properly holding and positioning your hands on the bass
Instrument and Amplifier Setup
How your instrument and amplifier should be setup for best playing and sound,
Various Resources and Links for the aspiring bass player?
Do you need to have a chord chart or transcription services made for your music?
Eastbay a Jazz Band
Eastbay is a South Puget Sound Jazz Combo Band ready to hire when you are ready.
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