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Are you looking for someone to take the music that you have written or have a recording of, and put it down as a lead sheet or a chord chart?  Maybe you just have the melody and words drafted but you do not know what to do next?  Maybe you have a band and you want to have some sort of chord chart drafted for the other band members?  You should have your music transcribed and charted.  There are some online services which have chord charts for songs, but often, they are in the wrong key, and over simplified chords are substituted, and sometimes they are the wrong chords.

For a modest fee ($50/hr) you can have your song made into chord chart drafted and returned to you in a PDF format.  These charts will have separate bass chords if needed (i.e.  Am7/D).  Typically, it takes me about two hours to draft a typical song into a chord chart page. If the song has odd meter (5/4 time signature, or 7/8 time signature) or rapid chord changes (more than 4 per measure), then it is going take more time to figure out the song and develop the sheet.  If you need a lead sheet (Chord Chart plus the melody written out) this will take a little more time.    It is best if you have your song in MP3 or WMV format so that you can send it to me easily, to evaluate the price for this service to you.  If you agree to the price, the transaction can be done by Visa, Master Card, Discover Card, or PayPal. Please contact me through the Contact Form below.


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Take a look at some of my samples below.  These are chord charts for songs that you otherwise cannot find online.

Gino Vannelli --      Appaloosa_ChordChart.pdf

The Rippingtons -- BraveNewWorld_ChordChart.pdf

Gino Vannelli --      LoveAndEmotion_ChordChart.pdf




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