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Site Build It! (or SBI) is the tool that I used to develop this website.  I should say that it is not just a tool, but an approach and philosophy.  And I have to honestly say that using SBI has been a real pleasure for me.  The folks that created these tools and approach, really know what they are doing.  This makes it much easier for any website developer, and newbie to develop a site that worthwhile, optimized, and has high traffic volume, and is easily able to be monetized.  Even though I have some relatives who bought Site Build It!, I still decided to check it out for myself, having been sold a bill of goods for website tools before, only to find that the tools I purchased were junk and over priced!  To my delight, I found that SBI is recommended by many veteran website developers, and that it is a solid investment.  Considering all of the tools which are provided by them, and the background operations which are automated for you and your website, it is clearly a tremendous value for the amount of money they charge (currently $299 per year).  You could easily spend 4 to 10 times the money, plus the time acquiring the tools, acquiring the knowledge and setup which is required to obtain a similar result with out using SBI. 


Having developed a couple of websites before using SBI, I know how hard it is to get your website to the top of the search engines, and keep it there, where it really needs to be, if you are really interested in a business that makes a profit.  Even if you not interested in making money, using the ideas and model that SBI promotes will result in getting your website the exposure you are looking for, without need to hire search engine optimizing specialist(SEO's).  My first website, after being up for two months was getting about 22 page visits per month.  When I compare the result of my new SBI website, with my two previous ones, I am getting about 30 times more traffic in the first two or three months.  My site statistics are increasing significantly every month in every category.   My Alexa ranking is going up every month also.   Site Build It teaches you how to build your websites and business from the ground up, with proper planning, strategies and foresight.  If you have any questions about SBI you can contact them at question.sitesell.com.  This is done with their Action Guide and Action Guide Video training online.  The great thing about these is that you can download them and watch these training videos anytime you need them.



One of the great things about Site Build It, is that SBI sites typically rate in top 3% of traffic volume, and 1/3 of all SBI sites are in the top 1% for their category.  Again, this is because SBI promotes proven and solid methods for developing your site, instead of just posting lots cool looking web pages that hardly anyone will see. 

Sitesell emphasizes the C->T->P->M (Contect-Traffic-PreSell-Monetize) model in website development.   If you are interested in seeing how SBI users rate with other sites, check out this report with Alexa.  You can even see how your website rates in the world.

Site Build It is not a get rich scheme, in any sense of the word, nor does it encourage that mind set.  You will work for your money, but SBI will be there and the other members too, to help you on the way.  Instead, as they say, they encourage the way of the tortoise, "slow and steady wins the race".  Just keep in mind that I have only just scratched the surface about explaining all of the benefits of using SBI. Do want to know more?  Take a look at the videos below and find out more!


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