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Roundwound strings are the most common type of strings found on bass guitars today.  These strings have more overtones, than just about any other type of string manufactured today.  And there are several good manufactures for these strings. Below, is photo of a 5-string round wound bass string set.

As, you can see, these are like piano strings, except that the winding wrap wire gauge is smaller.  The finer the wire, the higher the overtones which are generated.  

Having used several round wound strings from various manufactures such as: Roto-Sound, D'Addarrio, Dean Markley, Ernie Ball, DR, GHS, Kamin, LaBella, and others gives me a little bit of knowledge from experience.  As far as my favorite string for right now, I like the D'Addario Pro-Steel Roundwound.  I have used a number of Nickel wire wrapped by the same company, but I like the steel wire sound.  Check out the Resources page for locations and sources for bass strings.

Below is a photo of some Labella Super Steps (Bare Core Round Wound) strings.  Notice how the string tapers down as it approaches the tie down on the end of the string.  This helps to reduce false harmonics.  It can also thin out the bass of the strings if too much of the bare core extends past the bridge saddle.

I have been trying to find a source for the older LaBella roundwound.  These strings had a very large wire wrapping.  The overtones in the upper mid-range are very pronounced, almost synthesizer sounding.  I used to use these on my Rickenbacker back in the old days. Below is photo of me and the Rickenbacker back in 1979.


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