Hot Bass Licks

Are you are looking for some encouragement, and some pizzazz, for your bass playing arsenal and improvement?  Then check out these Hot Bass Licks.  These snippets, will challenge you, and they will become significant additions to your repertoire. 

There are ten hot bass licks in this video presentation. Some of these are extensive solos.  In this instructional video, you will see first hand how the lick is played.  Then it will be significantly slowed down and dissected, so that you can grasp all of the nuances.  (Having taught others, I know that not all musicians can figure out a lick at normal speed.)  This way you play and practice the lick at a very slow speed, and learn to play it very clean and precise.  Once you can play the lick slow and clean, you can work on speeding it up gradually.  Then the lick will be played at a faster speed, and then you will sound like a pro.  This way you have three different tempos for the same bass lick. 

Now here is what is in this package:

Title or Song Original Artist Genre/Type
Bones Jive Marcus Miller Jazz/Slap & Pop Bass Solo
Cinema Chris Squire Rock Fusion
Blazon Dan Mohler R&B
I Will Glorify The Lord Bob Pilch Black Gospel/Slap & Pop
Clouds Tetsuo Sakari Pop/Slap & Pop
Dazzelin Tetsuo Sakari Funk/Slap & Pop
Heart of the Sunrise Chris Squire Classic Rock/Pick
No Name Kenny Lemar Two Sided Thumb Tech.
Sound Chaser Chris Squire Rock Fusion 5/4
People I Belong Too Jimmy Haslip Pop/Jazz


These combined bass licks can be yours for the small fee of only $12.95 (USD). This is really a steal if you think about it at all. It is like getting 1 hour of advanced bass instruction for under $13!  Most likely you will watch this video three to ten times.  Simply click on the order button, select the format for the video, and select your method of payment, and download the video onto your computer.

If you would to preview the bass licks that will be included in this instructional video, then left click to play the audio file or right click to download this file --> BassLicks1.mp3

IVB1 -- Instructional Video Bass Lesson 1 -- WMV format

IVB2 -- Instructional Video Bass Lesson 1 -- MOV format

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